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12 Steps to a Startup Business Plan (Infographic)

You know you have a good software idea that has real potential to grow into something great. But when it comes to creating an actual business plan, you're drawing a big, fat blank.  ...   [ Read More ]


6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Every year brings new trends in digital marketing: the way we work together, the tools we use, and the expectations of our audiences. 2014 saw the content marketing movement continue to spread,...   [ Read More ]


Agile Certification Options for Software Developers

Why pursue Agile certification? Perhaps your employer is requesting it, or you'd like to pump up your resume. Maybe you just want to learn more, or you're getting ready to join an Agile team. ...   [ Read More ]


5 Sentences to Ruin a Remote Worker's Day

Setting aside the joys of working from home and not having to commute, remote workers have to deal with a lot of extra pain. The added pressure it places on their shoulders comes from the...   [ Read More ]


5 Project Management Warnings from The Shining

With the arrival of another Halloween, I find it refreshing to re-watch one of the most revered classics in horror and suspense films, Stanley Kubrick's 1980 movie, The Shining. The film is based...   [ Read More ]


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